mary mottishaw
mary mottishaw | BC artist | mixed media | painter | printmaker |

the artist's book of meanderings

mixed mediums, including various print techniques and hand stitching

10"w x 9"h closed; 120"w x 9'h open


this piece was created from 6 pages printed, hand stitched, and crafted into a book.

The figure is a woman in her senior years-looking forward in anticipation of her future. She moves through the landscape on hand stitched paths, the stitching referencing women work and the passage of time. Mapping references are used to place her in the present. As she meanders through these physical depictions, the images become a metaphor for a life's journey and choices made regarding our response to the environment and climate change. Just as each hand stitch requires a choice, so do our decisions.

the artist's book of meanderings